soldier series- Sgt. Stoffregen || Kosovo Deployment Army Photographer

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Sgt. Joshua Stoffregen- a U.S. Army Soldier, a father to his 9-year-old son Daymien and a handy-man with cars.

I chose Sto to be the first in my Soldier’s Series for many reasons. He’s a great noncommissioned officer, leader and Soldier. He is a broadcaster in my unit and has only been in this career field for a little over a year. He is regarded as one of the best broadcasters in five public affairs detachments at Fort Hood, Texas. Sto is dedicated to his son. Together they share a passion for any Chicago sports team, 80’s movies and cars. Sto is currently refurbishing his 1964 Chevy Impala. He is charismatic and always one to crack a joke. He also happens to be a great friend and a very patient subject when I want to practice new photography techniques. I hope you enjoy these photos and please, take a minute to thank a Soldier for everything they do.

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