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This is probably one of my more random blogs, but hey, at least I’m blogging right? 🙂

So if you have a military guy or gal in your life and they’ve deployed, they will tell you the worst part of it was the downtime. Evenings can be the worst. If you’re like me, you’re not big into working out and all you want to do is be creative. Well, to beat that, I started coloring! Oh yeah, channeling my inner child, finding a way to relax and get my creative juices flowing all at once. It’s a win-win! I also just got my 85mm and D600 that I wanted to play with and this was my closest subject. I figured I’d share a little of my coloring skills to the random, up-late person who may stumble across this very random and simple blog. Maybe I’ll post a photo of the page once I am done. 😉 It’s a work in progress.

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