Shooting for me Fort Campbell, KY || Lakota Wolf

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My favorite time of day is the 30ish minutes right before the sun totally sets. No matter what time of the year, that light always seems to warm my soul and wash away the stressors of the day. So after a particularly rough day, well rough few weeks if I’m being honest, I took my camera to the barn with me to grab a few shots of my own Thoroughbred. Wolfie had injured himself, which is his MO every few months, and was in the convalescent pen while he healed. The sun was setting right behind him and the light hit him just right, making me pause in all the crazy of the day and just be. It was a moment I knew I wanted to be able to look back on when life was feeling extra crazy, so much to his displeasure, dinner was delayed for a few minutes while I captured these. I hope they bring you the same sense of calm and wonder I feel when I look at them.

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