Vintage truck fall mini Clarksville, TN || R family


Sometimes, you put a lot of time and planning into your session, and then the kiddos just aren’t on board. It happens, and that’s totally ok! I will never rush our time together, and if the kids don’t come around, we reschedule, because at the end of the day, a little extra patience is ok if that means we capture those important memories. And this sweet little one was not having it at first. We didn’t press her, I stepped back and let her hang out with Mom and Dad before we got a few shots of just her. At the end of the day, Mom and Dad are happy and sweet baby girl never felt pushed for photos.

This year’s fall mini portrait sessions were such a blast for me. I knew I wanted something a little different, so I started searching and connected with my neighbor, who happened to have this beautiful, perfect fall yellow, Chevrolet truck that he said I could use! Sessions booked so quickly, I ended up adding two additional days of shooting, and y’all, I felt so blessed for it. I’m happy to report that the family pictures were such a hit, that these vintage truck fall mini sessions will be an annual event for my Clarksville, TN clients.

I only offer mini sessions once a year, simply because I really prefer to take my time with each session and really get to know everyone. However, because mini sessions are short and sweet, they are a great option for those with young children or those looking to simply freshen up the photos around the house and have one or two for the holidays.

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