Love & Liberty Middle Tennessee || Alex + Hoca


When Alex reached out about doing a liberty session photoshoot with her horse Hoca, I was overjoyed! Alex has this natural way with horses that is just amazing to watch, and the relationship she and her mare, Hocaponthas, is beautiful. If you ever have the opportunity to watch a horse and rider do a liberty session together, I highly encourage it. The intent is to work with your horse without restraints (ie. lunge lines, lead ropes, round pens, etc.) and just be with them. It’s a partnership where the horse is choosing to stay with you and be with you. To be able to photograph that was such an honor! If you want to know about an indoor arena, you can read this article for more information.

Alex and I met up at Bacon Family Farms (where we both keep our horses!) on a ridiculously hot evening, because let’s face it, summer in Tennessee meant that’s all we were getting for awhile. The heat index was pushing 100, so we both agreed to keep things short and simple, and just work with what Hoca gave us. Horse + rider sessions are meant to be stress free and simply highlight the bond shared between partners, so rule number 1 is no stress.

Needless to say, Hoca was amazing! She was so in-tune with Alex the entire session, performing a beautiful Spanish walk, looking to Alex for guidance and never missing an opportunity to come in for cuddles and cookies. Thank you Alex for letting me capture this incredible evening! It was something I will truly remember for ages.

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