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Here it is. After months of planning it, talking about it, debating it and procrastinating it, here it is. My first blog. I can’t tell you how many drafts to this I’ve written, how many ideas I thought would be fitting for my first time. But when it came down to it, I decided to just start typing.

In case you are new around here, my name is Sammie and I juggle being an Active duty Soldier with running this business. Some people probably chalk it up to being ambitious or crazy, I simply say that I am passionate. I joined the Army to be a journalist, at the time writing was what I truly enjoyed. Within 6 months, that joy turned from writing to photography and it took off from there. I am an Army photographer, journalist and media liaison. When I had the idea to start a business, I was in the Army for about 2 years and had the biggest ego possible when it came to my photos. (too bad I couldn’t see how much improvement I had to make) I went through several names and made every rookie mistake in the books. But what made me different, set me up with the professionals, is that I didn’t quit. It sucked. And I struggled. And boy was it hard. But I made it. Two years down the road I have a business that I feel confident in. I love my work, I love my clients and for the first time, I feel truly proud of my work.

I know this is a truly random blog, but I had to take the jump at some point. So the moral of the story, for anyone out there reading it, is don’t give up. Life is going to be hard and challenging, take it from someone who works full time and runs herself ragged doing what she loves, but it’s so rewarding. I was bitter about this deployment and the impact it would have on my business, taking me away from clients I worked so hard to bring into my photography family, but in the big picture, this deployment was a blessing. I’m learning more then I had the time or chance to back home and I’m finally able to sit and figure out where I want to take this. Right now, it’s Texas, tomorrow Kentucky, and after that…who knows! But I will enjoy this journey, so buckle up and have some fun. Life’s always an adventure in this family.

A little then, in between and now for you. Then was my second session ever, in between was one of my sessions before I closed shop for deployment and now is a few favorites (and a preview of future posts) from the deployment.

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