father-son family photos Waco, TX || Josh & Daymien

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I may be a little biased because Josh is a coworker of mine and a good friend, but this session is one of my favorites to date. Josh is an Active Duty Soldier at Fort Hood, Texas. His son, Daymien, lives in Illinois with his mother. We did this session the afternoon after Thanksgiving because time was limited and Daymien was leaving the next day. These two are a hoot when together! Like father, like son. Both will talk your ear off about the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, pretty much anything Chicago. The pair can quote countless 80’s movies and song lyrics off the top of their head and they are just down-right funny. It’s not hard to see the love and pride Josh has for his son and I was so happy he asked me to take these photos.

– location Waco, Texas –

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