one wild experience and a bad hair day || Kosovo deployment Army photographer

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I love my job. Stop laughing, I mean it! Where else would I get paid to hang out the side of a helicopter and take photos of men from several different countries training together. Add a beautiful blue sky, huge white puffy clouds and a gentle breeze and it’s perfect. While my mom may have a few more gray hairs, I’ve got another amazing experience to add to my memories and a continued love affair with helicopters. I’m not saying I’d ever quit my job, but if I did, it’d be to fly. With that, enjoy a bird’s eye view of sling load training with Multinational Battle Group-East and a few up close and personal shots from underneath. If you’d like to read the full story on it, check it out here:¬†

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  1. Jerry Hall says:

    Yeap, Mom has more grey hairs but you have some amazing photos to show for it! I just wish someone had taken one of you also!!