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I love snail mail! It is so exciting when I get an actual letter or postcard in the mail. Basic was great because I had so many supportive letters from friends and family. My first piece of mail here was a letter form my cousin (who is in the Coast Guard Academy!) Every card I get, I hang in my room. Which got me thinking last night. I want to challenge myself (and you) to try and receive a postcard from all 50 states and a few scattered from around the world. I am asking you, my friend and supporter, to snail mail me a little note, postcard, drawing from your child, so that I can meet this challenge! In return, I will send you a lovely postcard from Kosovo. Each piece of mail I get will be shared with everyone here on the blog for anyone who is keeping track. 😉 So what do you say? Let’s start that snail mail!

P.S. I thought this idea would encourage others to try it out, or at the very least allow others to reach out and connect.

P.S.S. My address is:

Sgt. Samantha Parks
TF Falcon, KFOR 17
APO, AE 09340

P.S.S. Brownie points and maybe a little surprise if you use your own images on the snail mail!!!!

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