soldier series- Pfc. Richards || Kosovo Deployment Army Photographer

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Pfc. Shenequa Richards- U.S. Army Soldier, loving cousin and daughter, devout to her Faith and self

Let me just say, my roommate is gorgeous! Richards is probably one of the youngest Soldiers in our battle group and I’m pretty sure she is like everyone’s kid sister. We all love her to death! This is her first deployment and she recently celebrated her 20th birthday. Richards loves to attend church and sing in choir. It was really important to me to capture her Faith and emphasize the importance it has for Richards. In her room, Richard’s walls are covered with photos of her cousin, whom she loves like crazy. Richards is always laughing and having fun. She talks to the TV and yells like a crazy woman during scary movies. I apologize in advance for the amount of photos, but this girl is so photogenic! I might steal her again for some more. I hope you enjoy these photos and please, take a minute to thank a Soldier for everything they do.

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