Standing outside the fire || Kosovo Deployment Army Photographer

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“Life is not tried it is merely survived If you’re standing outside the fire” – Garth Brooks

Brownie points if you understood the title of this blog without the little quote above. 🙂 Anyways…this training ranks easily in my top 5 most exciting ever! While I stayed safely outside the fire, Polish, Italian and Portuguese Soldiers trained on walking through the fire. The training is part of crowd and riot control and very important to learn. Soldiers are taught how to safely protect themselves if molov cocktails are ever thrown during a demonstration. Soldiers practiced with water bottles until it was evident they understood the proper safety techniques. Then, and ONLY then, did they move on to actual fire. There was glass bottles breaking, fire springing up and these incredible Soldiers stomping right through it. It was hot, intense and so exciting to witness! Pretty sure their moms never taught them stop, drop, roll 😉

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  1. Jessica says:

    Wrap a towel around your neck drink LOTS of water and rest in the shade if/when possible!

    Stay Safe Sammie!