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I absolutely love snow. I love being a kid and starting snowball fights and getting the first pass down the hill. Of course, when the snow storm of February 2015 hit Clarksville, TN, I knew I had to have some fun in the snow for an adorable couples session. After torturing my friends with my camera, I called up Kaitlyn and Zack for a fun snowy lifestyle photography session! You might remember this gorgeous couple from the puppy love lifestyle session. If you missed it, you can check it out here.

We had so much fun this day! These two were picking fights, dumping snow on each other as they passed on the sled and racing down the hill. They were such troopers in the cold too. After they wore themselves out sledding, we headed for the porch where they snuggled under a blanket on a bench made from an old Chevy pickup tailgate. It was the perfect touch of vintage to their photos! Thanks so much for hanging out with me guys and being awesome even when our toes got cold!

To book your snowy lifestlye portrait session in the greater Clarksville, TN region, contact me at info@sammiedphotography.com. All portrait sessions now include a fusion video.

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