Cozy by the kitchen side engagement Erin, TN || Alex & Ryan (Part Two)

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Part Two~

So if you read Part One (click here if you haven’t) you know that Alex and Ryan are some of my favorite people and I pretty much got my dream session when Alex asked me to do her engagement photos and included her horses. You should also know I totally over shot her entire session, which is why I had to split it into two parts. This second part was just as perfect as the first!

After freezing our toes off outside, we moved inside to Alex’s dad’s gorgeous farm style house. Like it seriously looked like Joanna Gaines and Pinterest had a baby and named it Alex’s dad’s house!! Plus it is nestled on a beautiful private property in Erin, TN. But if I’m being honest, this was probably one of the most awkwardly hilarious sessions ever. Since it was New Year’s Eve, family and friends had started to gather, which meant we had an audience, photo bombers and hysterical commentary the entire time we were shooting. I’m not complaining, Alex’s family is one I will always be down to hang out with! And it meant I got lots of adorable laughing and kissing shots of Ryan and Alex, so really, it was a win-win.

We cozied up in the kitchen, hung out by the tree, were treated to some tunes from Alex, might have slipped in a tickle fight and ended it all under the mistletoe. Y’all, I seriously love these two. They’ve since married and moved to Georgia, but Alex and Ryan remain two of my favorite people and sweetest friends!

P.S. Sorry not sorry for the overload of gorgeous photos! To give you an idea of how much I overshot, this isn’t even all of them 😉



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