Horsing around engagement Erin, TN || Alex & Ryan (Part One)

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Part One~

When I first moved my horse Wolfie to Harmony Horse Farm LLC. in Adams, TN, I knew no one, hadn’t had my horse in almost two years and was terrified of messing it all up. In walked this confident, bigger than life person who was not only super knowledgable on horses, but super kind and helpful too! Little did I know that asking Alex for help with the mounting block (the thing you use to get on the horse!) would lead to such a wonderful friendship.

Fast forward a few months to Alex messaging me about engagement photos. I’m kinda a big fan of love, and an even bigger fan of military couples- because y’all they are some of the toughest people I know. So Alex explains her fiance Ryan will be home in Tennessee for a small window because he’s on leave from the U.S. Navy and will be deploying soon. Obviously it was a no brainer. We started planning right away and then Alex drops the best part of the session, she wants her horse and the horse she’s training to be included. Uhm, yes!!

Talk about a dream session. Two people who have known each other a good part of their lives, crazy in love, and now we’ve added horses. Because these two are so cute together, and because I may have been excited and over shot this session, I split it into two blogs. Enjoy this first part where we froze our toes off shooting outside at Alex’s dad’s property in Erin, TN!


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