Snowy Date Clarksville, TN || Christy & Brian

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I remember talking with friends last year about how I had been itching to do a snow shoot with a couple. I wanted warm cuddles and cute smiles, lots of laughter and every shot to scream ‘hopelessly in love’. So when Clarksville, TN finally got a good amount of snow, and roads were actually passable, Christy and Brian bundled up for me!


There’s this little spot behind my house where we used to have a lake. If I’m being honest, it’s pretty ugly any time of the year, except winter. During the winter, it freezes over with the little water that hangs around and then snow settles on it. When the light breaks through the surrounding trees, it’s just absolutely breath taking, so I knew that’s where we were doing this snowy day date!


Christy and Brian were the absolute sweetest to photograph. I swear, we couldn’t get a serious photo to save our lives, but Christy’s smile is so infectious, I wasn’t about to complain. You can tell these two, with years of marriage, children and a tough Army life, are still crazy about each other. Just look at the way Brian looks at Christy!




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