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I have the cutest friends y’all. I can’t even over exaggerate that one! Kelsey is another friend I met when I moved my horse to Harmony Horse Farm LLC. in Adams, TN. She was out there baby wearing and cleaning stalls like a total bad a** and she was super sweet from the jump! We hit it off pretty quick, we both owned off the track Thoroughbreds, both were in the Army and both big family people. So naturally, when I needed a fun day in Nashville, I asked Kelsey and her adorable family to tag along.

For this session, I wanted to keep it fun and easy going to freshen my portfolio with. I love lifestyle sessions, I think they are perfect for showing families as they are, imperfectly perfect, plus they are great for the kiddos who aren’t keen on sitting still for your average photo. Enter Kelsey and her family, or rather, Lucas. Her adorable son loves donuts and is always on the go, so we headed to Five Daughters Bakery in Nashville, TN to make the most of our family shoot!

If you’ve never been to Five Daughters, you are missing out on the most amazing 100 layer donuts that seem to melt in your mouth. With a variety of fresh baked goods daily, it made for the perfect family date. We all ordered some tasty treats, over indulged on a little slice of heaven, then headed outside to let Lucas burn off some of his newly acquired energy. Plus it gave Ben and Kelsey a chance to snuggle up together for a few mom and dad photos! As you can tell, the whole morning was an absolute blast. Even better was that this lifestyle session allows everyone to stay stress free and just enjoy the family time together!



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