Newly weds reunited Fort Campbell, KY || Woronowicz Family

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Last summer was hard y’all. I had to say ‘see you later’ to not just one, but two amazing women as they deployed overseas. Of course, the welcome home part has been way easier and enjoyable! Meet the beautiful Roberta! She and I boarded our horses together first at Harmony Horse Farm LLC in Adams, TN and then later at the Fort Campbell Riding Stables. While she kept her homecoming a secret, and surprised me at the stables instead, her husband came home on my sweet friend Kelsey’s flight, so I got to help celebrate her husband’s return as well!

These two were married shortly before deployment, and basically spent their honeymoon apart, in Afghanistan, working. Dual military lifestyles are hard. It always seems like training schedules are opposite of each other and deployments never stop, but when you have a love like these two, those obstacles feel so much smaller.

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