Finally Home Fort Campbell, KY || Penick family


I don’t think there is a more fitting word to describe a military homecoming than “finally.” Because it’s never just the deployment that is over. It’s the long months of training, the predeployment, the saying goodbye, the deployment itself, and the impatient waiting at a hanger, that is allĀ finally over. So it was only fitting that Audra’s sign simply read…finally.

I loved that she and I clicked right away, talking about the deployment, the fears and stressors of it, how nervous and excited she was to have her husband home. Homecomings are such a whirlwind of emotions, and each one felt is totally normal! But my favorite emotion to capture is that sweet relief when those doors open and the reality of the homecoming slams into your heart. Your Soldier is home, walking through those big metal doors right to you. Not many feelings beat that. And it’s always a privilege when I get to capture a Fort Campbell, KY homecoming. Thank you so much Penick family for letting me be there with you, and welcome home!

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