Equine black background Middle Tennessee || Ziva + Pepper


Can we take a moment to just appreciate the gorgeousness of these two fine horses? Like seriously y’all, my sweet friend Amanda has put so much work, sweat and tears into these two and it shows. Ziva is a gorgeous Quarter Horse who spent some years as a broodmare and now lives life as a trail horse for Amanda’s daughter and husband. The sweet sorrel below is Pepper, a baby Amanda got earlier this year. Pepper and her’s relationship has come SO far in such a short time. It’s been a joy to watch! Needless to say, when Amanda booked an Old Glory session for her girls, I was thrilled. You can’t be mad when you get to spend an afternoon with beautiful horses and a sweet friend. These were taken at Hutchinson’s Stables in Woodlawn, Tennessee.

Black background sessions are 30 minutes long and typically include 5-7 hand edited images. A barn aisle, indoor arena or shaded area are all that is needed for these types of equine shoots, so don’t let the fear of not having ‘good enough’ facilities stop you! I travel throughout the middle Tennessee region and am located directly in Clarksville, TN. Black background sessions are offered at a discounted rate when multiple sessions are booked, making these a great option for barn photos.

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