Cave Exploration Clarksville, TN || M Family


I love two things most when it comes to photo shoots: well thought out outfits and clients that trust me! When Heather reached out about planning new family photos, she asked a lot of questions about what to wear, sent a lot of photos for advice, and put real thought into the look she wanted. Y’all…it seriously paid off! Her kids got out of the car and I could have melted from happiness. Mustard yellow and mulberry wine are basically my two favorite colors! And of course, her outfits paired perfectly with the backdrop of Dunbar Cave State Park, right in the heart of Clarksville, TN. After gushing over the outfits, Heather tells me she’s not the most comfortable person in front of the camera, but that she knows I won’t steer her wrong. Again, I turned to mush. Thank you, Heather, for trusting me. For letting me guide you through your family photos and trusting that we would give you magic. I loved running around with your kids through Dunbar Cave (even if we did see a snake!) and as hyper as you may have felt they were that day, their personalities shine in every photo!

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