All grown up Clarksville, TN || B Family


When I first moved to the Clarksville, TN area, it was because I was freshly stationed at Fort Campbell, KY with 1st Brigade Combat Team. At the time, I met this surely, funny, could-never-tell-if-he-was-being-serious, guy named Chris. Fast forward some months, and he quickly became one of my good friends in the unit. So when he asked me to take photos of he and his new family, I of course said yes. Blended families always have a special place in my heart, and I’m a sucker for those incredible stories!

Well that was many years ago, we won’t date anyone 😉 but here we are again, with the B family in front of my lens, and what a blast it was! Sometimes photographing older kids can be challenging, but this family was down to just have fun and enjoy the morning with each other.

I love the versatility of Port Royal State Park and love that it’s just outside of Clarksville. The area is perfect for family sessions and I loved getting to explore it with these guys!

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