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Have you ever come across a horse with so much personality, they are just unforgettable? Well that’s this handsome guy! Cowboy and I first met a few years ago when I did his black background portraits at Serendipity Stables in Clarksville, Tennessee. It was arranged through someone else, so I didn’t keep in touch with his owner Stephanie. A few months back, she reached out because she was moving barns and would be boarding where I kept my guy, so we reconnected and I got to see this guy again! Cowboy is a ham, but a one-person kinda ham. He has a huge personality, and loves his person unconditionally. Stephanie and Cowboy have come a long way together, but I believe their bond shined brightly during their horse + rider session!

Stephanie had me swooning when she wanted to do the first portion of her session is a gorgeous, full length gown. Emerald green is totally their color!! She made sure to desensitize Cowboy prior to our shoot, so he was calm and collected even with all that fabric on him. (Some horses can struggle with this, so always take the time to get them comfy before your session) Once we changed outfits, we headed to a back corner of an overgrown pasture. Thankfully Stephanie trusted my eye, and even though she was skeptical, we created some magical shots! Thank you for having me out again Stephanie, I love getting to be a part of y’alls ongoing story together.

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