Kaitlyn & Derby. Equine Senior portraits Nashville, TN

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This was one of the most anticipated shoots I’ve had in a long time. Kaitlyn’s sweet mom and I texted back numerous times over the weeks leading up to her senior photos, planning outfit choices, nailing the best accessories for her and her sweet horse Derby! I remember how much I loved (and still look at) my senior photos I had done with my lesson horse, and I wanted to make sure Kaitlyn had those memories!

This session was tough because Derby just didn’t want to settle, and that can really frustrate owners when horses don’t want to snuggle or hang out. But that’s where I come in. I made sure we took a lot of breaks, and walks, and gave both Derby and Kaitlyn moments to relax before moving on to the next shot. Horse + rider bond sessions are the perfect way to capture all the sweat, tears and long hours you’ve put into your equine, and I love that Kaitlyn chose that for her senior photos.

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