Thoroughbred gelding sticks tongue out for portraits on black background

Jughead. Equine Black Background Clarksville, TN

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First off, I adore off the track Thoroughbreds, they forever have my heart. Which means Julia’s sweet gelding, Jughead, always holds a special place! He has such a big, bright personality. As you can see from his black background portrait session in Clarksville, TN, when the camera comes out, so does his tongue! I love that Julia stepped in for a few shots as well. These two share such a close bond. Equine portraits are a beautiful way to capture that.

Black background sessions are 30 minutes long and include 5 hand edited images. This classic style is a great way to capture your horse in a timeless manner. A barn aisle, indoor arena or shaded area are all that is needed for these types of equine shoots, so don’t let the fear of not having ‘good enough’ facilities stop you! I travel throughout western Kentucky and the middle Tennessee area. I’m located directly in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Black background sessions are offered at a discounted rate when multiple sessions are booked, making these a great option for barn photos.


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