young girl ropes cattle off her horse in black and white portrait

KT Horses branding portraits. Carbon County UT

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I had the pleasure of hanging out with some great friends while they brought in the young calves for branding. If you’ve never gotten to hang out on a working cattle ranch, I highly recommend it! Not only do you have a great time with friends, you get a taste of a simpler way of life. The ranching world can seem harsh, but the people in it are some of the highest quality of people out there. They work hard, they love hard and they give life their all. The Jensens are no exception. These branding portraits show the long hours that go into running a cattle farm.

Interested in your own portrait or branding session? Let’s chat! It’s never too early to start planning. Currently, portrait sessions are booking 4-8 weeks in advance. Sessions can be taken on location, or we can work together to find a suitable location for you and your horses to trailer to.

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